Post test training

Pass Plus

Once you have passed take some Post test training, either the full Pass Plus course – minimum 6 hour course (usually 2×3 hour lessons), or motorway lessons intended to fully prepare you for driving on your own in all conditions and road systems.

Again the courses are individually designed.
Pass Plus – £120 BUT PASS FIRST TIME WITH PAUL – £100.

Skid Pan Training

As an additional course we will attend a Skid Pan course, ABS braking and evasion and a Hot Lap in a Caterham!!! This is run by at Elvington aerodrome near York.  Please ask Paul for details and cost. What a great and rewarding half day.

Refer a friend

If you recommend a new pupil to Paul and who takes and pays for 4 hours tuition you will be eligible to a free 1 hour lesson or cash payment of £15.

Contact Paul today.

Refresher Training

Even qualified drivers can sometimes struggle when faced with the ever-increasing volume of traffic on Britain’s roads. Whether you are looking to get back on the road after a break, get back behind the wheel following an accident or simply need more confidence, Paul can help.

Motorway Guidance

Motorways can often be a daunting prospect, particularily since the current driving test does not include motorway driving. The sheer speed and volume of traffic can be overwhelming. With sessions structured to your individual needs, Paul can help you overcome these fears.

Eco-friendly driving

With the cost of fuel as expensive as it is, and maintainance costs escalating, let Paul look at your driving and see how, with a little advice, you can change driving styles and save £s. Call Paul.