Fleet/Qualified drivers

Does your company have escalating fleet insurance premiums, continually rising maintenance and repair costs or an inexplicable rise in the incident of driver related accidents? Paul Gillyon’s Fleet Driver Training Course can reduce all three of these issues.

You can fully manage your drivers’ risks as part of a health and safety strategy.

Paul will adopt a client-focused approach to the design and delivery of your fleet driver training course, working closely with each driver as well as your company.

Being an expert in the field of road safety Paul will help to reduce the risk to individual drivers and help manage the stress experienced behind the wheel for company drivers.

Statistics show that 1 in every 3 road accidents involve a company vehicle. With modern fleet driver training methods it is possible for companies to vastly reduce the number of their fleet vehicles involved in these crashes.

Paul’s training courses are designed to improve driver awareness and responsibility. Assisting the fleet driver to improve their observation and hazard perception skills will allow greater time to anticipate and react to changing hazards.

To contact Paul Gillyon Instructor and Driver Training regarding your companies specific training requirements use the contact us form and select ‘Fleet/Qualified Driver Training’.

Pass Plus

This can lower your vehicle insurance bills and boost your confidence whilst driving. It has to be completed within a year of passing your driving test and a minimum of six hours training is required. This can be conducted in your own vehicle if required and must include both motorway and night driving.

Refresher Training

Even qualified drivers can sometimes struggle when faced with the ever-increasing volume of traffic on Britain’s roads. Whether you are looking to get back on the road after a break, get back behind the wheel following an accident or simply need more confidence, Paul can help.

Motorway Guidance

Motorways can often be a daunting prospect, particularily since the current driving test does not include motorway driving. The sheer speed and volume of traffic can be overwhelming. With sessions structured to your individual needs, Paul can help you overcome these fears.

Eco-friendly driving

With the cost of fuel as expensive as it is, and maintainance costs escalating, let Paul look at your driving and see how, with a little advice, you can change driving styles and save £s. Call Paul.