Life as a driving instructor


As I mention in my ABOUT section, becoming an ADI was one of the best things that I have ever done.  I wish I had done it years ago!

I get up every morning wanting to go to work, something that I never did in previous careers and jobs.
Every minute of every day of the week is different. I might be teaching or coaching similar subjects but the different pupils with different personalities and different learning styles mean that it can be very challenging but very satisfying.

Let’s get a couple of things in perspective. You are never going to be a millionaire becoming an ADI.
Some companies “promise” earnings in excess of wonderful looking amounts. This is possible but do the simple sums of hours worked and price per lesson less the expenses you will incur and you get the proper figure.

I really believe if you are good you will always have a good business if you work at developing it.

The Driver Training Industry is part of the service sector and whilst you will be self employed and can run your diary/ business how you wish; do remember who you will be teaching. People from all walks of life and age ranges who might only be able to do their lessons in the evening or weekends. We need to be flexible, remember you are trying to develop your business.

I have done very well, but that’s not really why I do the job.

I get so much satisfaction from seeing someone who cannot do a particular skill and seeing him or her develop over the course of a lesson.

Yes this is work, but you will meet some great people and have loads of fun along the way. We all do need to be professional in our approach but believe me there are lots of occasions when you will laugh your socks off about the situations that happen.

It is fantastic!

So you can imagine how I feel when they pass their test or more recently when a trainee passes the part 2 or the part 3 test and they become an Approved Driving Instructor.

We all have smiles from ear to ear!

It’s a great feeling and I feel quite humble in the fact that whether it is an “L” test or Part 3, I know I have been part of the process in changing someone’s life.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.