Existing ADIs

How is your business?

  • Pass rate low?
  • Losing TOO many pupils? Not sure why?
  • DVSA  Standardscheck  coming up?
  • Has it been a while since you had someone look at your lessons? Still teaching how your trainer suggested?

If you answered YES to any of the above and want some help please contact Paul.

How can he help?

Having been an ORDIT registered trainer, until 31/7/2013, he is fully up to date with the techniques needed for people to pass the ADI Part3 test. By continuing to use these techniques as an ADI you can ensure that you will give a – VALUE FOR MONEY LESSON.

By doing this you will have put in place the following skills:

  • Full use of the core competences
  • Correct level of instruction and therefore matching the help your pupil needs
  • Well planned lessons
  • Ensuring the car is fully under your control
  • Great communication skills
  • Effective Q&A technique
  • Effective feedback and encouragement
  • A great learning environment

Improving these skills will change your business for the better. You will enjoy your day more and your pupils will be eager to have next weeks lesson. They will also have a better chance of passing their test- FIRST TIME and DRIVING SAFELY FOR LIFE.

The Standards Check Test is not something to worry about. Simply all you have to do is give a lesson where development takes place. Paul can suggest ways how you can demonstrate this to the DSA. Contact him today.

Any help given by Paul will be backed up by a fully detailed Report with suggestions and recommendations. Quotes will be given dependent on the needs of the ADI.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for ADI’s

In August 2009 i detailed in the News Section a CPD course that was going to be available. Unfortunately the funding for this did not materialise and i cannot see it coming through in the short term.

Tax Advice For Driving instructors

Please check out the new link on the Home page. A great e-learning tool for all ADIs.