ADI Course Outline

DSA HULL MPTC (multi purpose test centre)

DSA HULL multi purpose test centre

Full course

Please note:

All aspects and parts of the course will be completed with the appropriate Action Plan to ensure that the trainee is in no doubt what is required of them. This will cover what they need to practice and how to achieve success.




Half-day in-house course

    An outline of the full course

  • Part 1 advice:
    • Theory Test question bank
    • Hazard Perception Test
    • Practice sessions doing mock tests with feedback
  • Issue of the starter pack:
    • ADI 14- Download at -
    • Driving the Essential Skills
    • The Highway Code
    • The Driving Instructors Handbook
    • D100
    • The Official DSA Theory Test for ADIs
  • Access to all downloads are available in the downloads section
  • Assessment Drive with feedback and Action Plan

On-going web site, email and telephone support through the part 1 training.

Part 2 training

14 Hours in-car (additional training is available if required at hourly rate)

This includes a Mock Test and being accompanied to test by Paul using the dual controlled training car.

Part 3 training

Half-day in-house course covering:

  • The pre set tests
  • Subject criteria – how to give structured briefings
  • Core competences
  • Instructional techniques
  • Instructor characteristics
  • Access to the download section of the web site to obtain a new:
    • Briefing file covering the pre set test subjects.
    • Phase 2 cue cards
  • 40 hours in-car core curriculum training
  • 20 additional hours

60 hours in car training in total (additional training is available at the hourly rate but in my experience only occasionally needed)

This will include an accompany to test by Paul in the dual controlled training car.

Test fees

The trainee must pay all fees for any attempt at the part 1/ 2 and 3 tests.

Test fees are not included in the cost of the course.