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I have an apology to make to those that have been logging into this News section.
Really sorry all the news has been deleted, the Just Host server went down last week and has lost all my new posts since the end of January.
i am putting them back on-watch this space!!!

In the meantime here is a picture of my new car- Ford Fiesta 1.4 Zetec. It looks great and is fantastic to drive.

We have had a great start to 2009 with Part 3 tests-
February was especially good with the following all passing first time-
Michael Taylor (Hull) a great pass with nearly a perfect score of 6/5.
Tracy Harrison (York) again with great instruction and a 5/5.
Steve Morgan (York) i was so pleased for Steve, his courage and determination in difficult personal cicumstances and a great 4/5
Robert Rutherford (York) again a near perfect score of 5/6.
Very well done guys i could not have asked or expected more from you all.
March was the time of Diane Davis Part 3 and again another superb result 6/4. well done Diane, you really deserved your success.

The Hull Daily Mail put a great piece together for me on the 18th March, great advertising and text. Thanks to Chris and Kitty, good job done and excellent business from it as well. Thanks also to all those that sponsored me .

All trainees and new drivers enjoying their sessions and all exceeding my expectations. Really enjoying 2009.

ORDIT- I had my premises inspection on the 22nd April and i am delighted as it went very well.
I can now continue to run the business under the banner of ORDIT and i am happy in the knowledge that the DSA are satisfied with my delivery of ADI training at Parts 1/2 and 3.

CPD for ADIs- I am absolutely delighted that i have become involved with a company rolling out a CPD programme all over the UK.This will include Fleet Training and an NVQ Level 3 in Driving Instruction.


15/5/2009. Just been asked to be a Trustee of the RSPCA. Very pleased to be involved. Had a great dog/cat food collection at Tesco’s St. Stephens Hull. Everyone was so generous. The staff at the store were great. So decided to give all Tesco staff a DISCOUNT on driving lessons during May and June 2009. Call for more details.

20/5/2009.Just put a new Theory Test link in the “New Driver” Section- looks pretty good and i am sure it will be very helpful coming up to that Theory test date- let me know what you think.

10/6/2009.I have recently started training 3 new PDI and i am delighted with the effort they are putting into the course and the development that is taking place. There is just one major stumbling block at the moment . The CRB Disclosure is taking such a long time to come through. SO A NOTE TO ALL THOSE CONSIDERING BECOMING AN ADI!!!!!  Even if you will not be coming to me for your training DO APPLY FOR YOUR CRB NOW!!!!!! see the section- “HOW TO BECOME AN APPROVED DRIVING INSTRUCTOR”  FOR THE TELEPHONE NUMBER OF CAPITA- DO IT TODAY.

10/6/2009. CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (CPD) for ADI’s. As mentioned above I am involved in a new course for CPD starting in August. Please see the section “EXISTING ADI’s” for the full details. If you are interested or need more information do please get in touch, asap.

27/7/2009. Well, a good and bad day today. I was really disapointed for Claire today as her “L” test was cancelled because there was not an examiner for the test. We have done a lot of work recently and she was peaking to be very successful today. We will have to wait for a re-test. The good news. I had my ORDIT re-assessment today and had a very good session which Alison the DTAM for the DSA advised me  was very successful. I am delighted with this.

She gave me a little news about tests for 2010, changes happening in October. For B tests there will be a 10 minute period of independent driving, either following road signs or a series of directions. There will only be 1 manoeuvre as well; also the accompanying person, most likely the instructor will have to be in the car during the test. Some good changes.

11/8/2009.Claire had her day today at test and drove brilliantly. A first time pass and a near flawless drive. Well done Claire, looking forward to Pass Plus in a month or so.

Congratulations to Jennie as well. A Part 1 pass, again with near perfect scores.Did she win her bet with Jason when they compare the HPT and Theory Bank scores? Part 2 here we come!

18/8/2009. The girls have done it again. Well done to Kelly with her pass at Part 1 today. Again excellent scores. The work really paid off and she sounded very pleased on the phone. I got the impression she was going to celebrate with a glass or two of liquid refreshment.

Going down to Wales in early September to discuss  bringing a CPD COURSE to this area. The one on my site may not in the immediate future go ahead because of lack of government funding. I will publish the result of my trip in due course.

3/9/2009. Got a very busy 2 months coming up. I have been fortunate to get quite a number of new pupils and trainees. We are getting to the business end for a lot of my people, with B tests for the new drivers and quite a number of Part1, 2 and 3 tests now booked. Claire is doing her Pass Plus this weekend, have not done one for some time so really looking forward to it. In total i think we will be travelling about 270 miles over the 2 days. I know she will be so much more confident at the end and with her insurance through the NFU she will benefit from a discount.

Going down to Wales next wednesday, 10th september, to find out more about the Continuing Professional Development course i am hoping to bring to this area. I will let you know the outcome.

17/9/2009. What a great week!! Congratulations to Jennie and Leonie.

Well done Jennie on a superb drive to pass your Part 2 at the first attempt. I thought the examiners comments at the end were so justified when Sandy Harris said the drive was done with such FINESSE. Down to the business end and lets do that Part 3 training to get that green badge that you are destined to achieve.

Leonie, you made me so proud today. A wonderful pass, first attempt, to get your full driving licence. I know by the look on their faces that your mum, auntie and friends who were at home to greet you were also so pleased and proud of you for this achievement. I know it will change your life. You must also get that bet of £20 from the guy at work who said you had no chance of passing this side of Christmas. He should believe, just like you did today. Well done!!

24/9/2009.Well, what a week!! Lots of congratulations to give out, been a very successful time.

Great result at part 3 test for Lee. on tuesday. A first time pass with an excellent 5/5. I sat in on the test and i was so happy with what i saw and heared. We have both put a lot of work into being  ready and it all paid off. Sounds great- Lee ADI. All the best for the future fella.

I think the most nervous and then then happiest person this week was Kelly. A fabulous pass first time at part 2 test. Great drive and so deserved.She is very excited about the part 3 training, i am sure we will have some fun.

Finally, congratulations to Lorna. A first time pass making her a Full Licence Holder!! She was so happy and cannot wait to get into her Ford Ka. First stop will be to Dads and say thank you for all his support and then taking the rest of the family out for a drive. Great result, well done Lorna and keep safe.

3/10/2009. Congratulations Glenn!!!  A superb pass at Part 2 first attempt yesterday. You have put a lot of work into the training of late and i know you are very keen to start the part 3 training, well we are, next Thursday. A very good drive that demonstrated the methods, systems and routines you will be teaching your pupils. Looking forward to our in car sessions and a few laughs along the way.

14/10/2009. Well i know who the happiest person in the East Riding of Yorkshire is today- Frances. Well done for a brilliant first time pass at test. A full driving licence, how does that sound? A little story about Frances, not really sure when she started to learn to drive that she really wanted to do it. However of late it seems to have become very important and i know that mum has not seen her car since she passed. Sorry Julie!! Keep safe and enjoy your driving.

20/10/2009. I am really pleased for 2 ADI’s, Richard and James who have recently had check tests and came away with excellent new grades. Well done guys. The work we did and the suggestions i gave and you put into practice certainly paid off. Again absolutely brilliant. I am sure your pupils will also benefit from your new found confidence.

In my job some days are great and other days are even better. Today is one of those days when nothing can get any better. Congratulations Jason. A first time pass at the Part 3 test and another great score of 5/5. Some lovely comments from Simon who conducted the test. Put a big smile on my face and you should have seen Jason’s. It was a smile from ear to ear and i bet it’s still there. Good luck for the future i know your pupils are in good hands.

18/11/2009. Would the person who called me today about working with the East Riding Emergency Services please call again. My voicemail has lost the message and your contact details.

31/12/2009. This month has been difficult for one of my trainees with 3 Part 3 test having been cancelled because of examiner illness or the severe weather. I have no doubt that when it is rebooked in the new year we will be successful.

May i take this opportunity to thank all the people who have made 2009 a wonderful year for me.

The results in my”ABOUT” section speak for themselves and shows the level of commitment and excellence achieved by my trainees and the new drivers. I have so enjoyed 2009 and I am looking forward to an even better and more successful 2010.

I hope all the new driving instructors who achieved their goal with me this year and my present trainees have a wonderful new year, good luck to you all.

                             HAPPY NEW YEAR


What a start to the new year. I have not stopped and I would like to apologise to all who regularly check this section.

May i particularly apologise to Amanda who gave me a right telling off( tongue in cheek)  for my lack of comment and news. Sorrry Amanda.

Well a great start to the year with a lot of new trainees and new drivers, all of whom are doing some great work and with good success.

There are a number of congratulations to pass on and we will start with Tom. A very good pass to get your full licence. He was as you can imagine very pleased but not as pleased as his lovely sisters who now have a taxi to the shops on tap. Enjoy your driving Tom, be safe.

Great result at Part 3 for Danny. We worked so hard for this result and i hope to be working with you fella in the not too distant future. Enjoy your life as an ADI.

Tremendous Part 1 results for Amanda and Steve and for the later a marvellous part 2 test in a very short time. I did enjoy our first part 3 session the other day, good fun.


I am delighted that i am linking up with a highly respected driving school from the Midlands with collegues doing the same all over the country-


I will be running the school initially in the Hull and area but with plans to roll it out further as the business develops. A meeting was held last week with an invited audience of some of the top instructors in Hull.

The presentation was very well received and we will be starting on 26th April 2010.

Our aim is not to be the biggest school in the country but to be the Very Best with QUALITY  at the forfront of our mission statement.

Please watch this and other parts of the website together with our media presentations for ongoing information.

A very exciting time!!!

29/3/2010 Congratulatios to Amanda today for a fabulous pass at Part 2 test first attempt, with a great result. I promise i wont tell anyone about one of your driver errors, thats between you and me but i bet we laugh about it for ages!!! Well done and looking forward to our Part 3 training next week.

9/4/2010 OH MY GOD!!! The first words spoken by Kellyanne when Sandy Harris the examiner at Hull MPTC told her she was now a Driving Instructor. A fabulous 5/6 just missing out on that magical 6/6. I cannot tell you how happy she is. Well done to you Kelly for all the hard work you have put in. I am so proud of you.

Kelly along with Jason, Dan, Danny and Lee are all starting with me at Acclaimdriving, com on the 26th April. I am so excited about this new venture as are all the guys. Lots of hard work to do to get us up and running but we are all determined to make it work and offer that quality of instruction which we all so believe in.

10/5/2010.Well what an exciting couple of weeks now that Acclaimdriving.com is up and running and doing so well. All the guys have put a huge amount of work into promoting the new driving school and we are seeing the benefits already.

We have had 2 big promotions at Tescos in Beverley and a super day at Asda on Kingswood last saturday. We also had our first staff night out but i cant tell you anything about it, save to say it was a great night.

I am very excited as we are delivering a Young Drivers Initiative at Kingswood school next week on the 19th May. It consists of a powerful road risk awareness presentation followed by an in car drive for the winners of a quiz doing speed distance exercises and low speed manoeuvering. The presentation is being given to the year 11 students, 16 years old, with 60 taking part. Humberside Fire and Rescue are joining us and bringing the I-Car a crash simulator. Humberside police are also taking part withe event being supported by Asda Kingswood who are providing fruit, juices and water. We are hopeful of local TV and Radio coverage.

More great news. Well done to Jess on passing her test today, a lovely drive and greatly deserved. I have so enjoyed your company Jess and will miss your humour. Hope you enjoy the new car which mum has kept secret. Be safe.


Young Drivers Initiative

What a fantastic day. A very hard hitting presentation and the winners of the quiz doing low speed manoeuvres and speed distance execises under the guidance of the 5 Acclaimdriving.com instructorsydi-kingswood-school-may-2010-023. The I-Car was amazing!

I was very proud of the way in which the students both were very knowledgable, informed and interactive. The school staff and all who took part tremendous. W e hope to roll the initiative out throughout Hull in the next school year.


Humberside Fire and Rescue with the I-Car.





Just consider these cars are being driven by 15 and 16 year olds who after a few minutes doing the cockpit drill were driving brilliantly. Good instructors? I know they are!


Lee,Kelly,Danny,Jason and Dan- who all did a great job.

Lee,Kelly,Danny,Jason and Dan- who all did a great job.


























Toby and Finn, very smart.

Toby and Finn, very smart.

From 23 January 2012 the theory test will be made up of multiple-choice questions which are no longer published in learning materials.

The reason behind the move is to stop candidates from simply memorising theory test questions and answers and learning by rote.

DSA theory test books

Revision materials still available

New official driving and riding theory books were published in September 2011 to help candidates prepare for the test and for life on the road.

The new books contain:

  • new sections of text for motorcyclists, a free e-book for car drivers and full references throughout to help candidates learn and revise
  • questions and answers for revision, including practice for case studies
  • the official DSA explanations for every revision question, helping candidates fully understand the answer

This approach to learning will help candidates to gain a better knowledge and understanding of driving theory which will help them respond correctly to the new, reworded live questions used in the actual test.

No changes to the format of the test

No changes are being made to the format of the theory test. It will still be made up of a multiple-choice part and a hazard perception part.

The time allowed and the pass marks will stay the same.

Find out more

You can find details about the new official learning materials at tsoshop.co.uk/dsa.

For information about how the theory test works, visit direct.gov.uk/theorytest.

22/12/2011. Well what a great few weeks!. Tremendous congratulations to Craig and Knud for passes at the part 2 test. Superb drives. So pleased for you both, and a clean sheet for Knud. Looking forward so much to our part 3 training in 2012. Lots of hard work in store for all involved. Passes at B category for Chris and Ellie. First time and in a very short time, great drives and well deserved. Looking forward to Pass Plus. Keep safe!!

30/1/2011. May i congratulate Michael on a fantastic pass at part 3, making him a qualified DSA ADI. I am so proud of you fella, and applaud you on your hard work and determination. Any help in the future you need please just call. An incredible year ahead for you.


May i wish all my trainees, pupils and those daft enough to read this a very Happy Christmas and a very successful New Year.

                                  HAVE A FANTASTIC 2012


10/1/2012.  Well what a fantastic start to the year already. Massive congratulations to Amanda and Keith on very good check tests. Great credit to you both for all the hard work you both put into every lesson. Your pupils are very lucky people. Keep up the great work.

The year could not have started better for you Ben. Thierry Henry rejoins your favorite team and scores, you get a new car and probably best of all you pass your test at the first attempt. Fantastic!!!!!!!! A lovely drive and well deserved. Enjoy.

21/2/2012. Kirsty, what do i say? The reception from your kids when we got home will stay with me for a very long time. The look on their faces and the enthusiasm as to the places you will be taking them now that you have a full licence!!!!! You so derserve the result today for the effort and dedication you have shown. This day will change your and the kids lives. Enjoy and make the most of it. Congratulations, i mean that so much. Well done.

22/3/2012. Another great result. Well done Zoe what an amazing drive yesterday, a first time pass and a clean sheet, a perfect drive. Well done indeed! I am not sure if it has sunk in yet. I am so looking forward to seeing you in your new car, don’t forget to wave. I will be delighted to do the pass plus with you shortly. I know you will be safe. Well done again, mum and dad were pleased, wonderful.

25/4/2012. Celebrations in Lucy’s house today, mum screaming on the phone, Lucy with one of the biggest smiles i have seen. Great first time pass, near faultless drive and now Lucy you can drive that lovely car on your drive. Well done. Loved the text last night saying that driving on your own was AMAZING. Keep safe, again well done.

27/4/2012. Another great drive today and well done to Chris on a fabulous first time pass at test. The examiner gave a fantastic debrief and one which i hope you will always remember Chris

Enjoy driving your lovely car and i know you will keep yourself, and mum and dad, when you become their taxi, very safe. I have enjoyed your company in the short time we have taken to get to test.

15/6/2012. Another great test from Lucy. Really very well done, a great drive and so well deserved. Enjoy your driving in that lovely mini. Looking forward to Pass Plus soon, keep safe.

22/6/2012. What a great week, new pupils booking on before and after my holidays, France in a while, theory test passes but also 2 great passes at test. Congratulations to both Craig and Adam, tremendous. I sat in both tests and saw 2 guys drive brilliantly. So deserved. Craig i know this will completely change your life, and it can only get better from now on. Well done. Adam, i have never seen a mum so emotional and proud of her son and rightly so, well done fella. Hope to see you both for pass plus, enjoy your driving. I am very happy today!

26/6/2012. Amy you are a star, a great drive today, only one driver error and such a deserved pass. With the added pressure of having Simon Gleadhill in the back observing the test you coped brilliantly. I loved the look on mum’s face when we got home. Well done Amy and safe driving.

29/6/2012. I dont think Eva will ever forget 2012. A great prom the other night, all exams finished and i am sure the results will be superb, accepted at Cambridge University and to top it all off a first time pass at test. A wonderful drive, I am so pleased for you. Very well done, bet mum and dad are so excited. Have a wonderful life and enjoy all the success that will come your way, please keep in touch.

3/7/2012. What a fortnight for Wesley! The birth of a beautiful baby girl, Liily Jayne and a first time pass at test. Life is good! So pleased for you and Emma. Enjoy being a dad and being able to drive the family to anywhere you want to go. Congratulations.

24/7/2012. Well done Maddy, a great drive to get your full licence, and so deserved. You can enjoy your holiday with that weight off your shoulders. You are fortunate as well that dad will be selling his”mid life crisis car” to get you one, Fantastic. Have a good holiday and i am sure you will be a safe driver for life.

15/8/2012. Congratulations Sophie a fantastic pass today and a wonderful drive. I thought the de-brief from the examiner was very good and i do look forward to doing pass plus with you later this year. I know mum and dad are very proud of you, shame they are so far away as i am sure you would have got a massive hug from them. Keep safe and enjoy your driving.

12/9/2012.Anther round of congratulations, this time to Annabel. A very well deserved pass first time to become a full licence holder. You can drive to your college placement tomorrow, fantastic! Everyone I passed on the way home stopped me and said” Annabels passed!” must have met your whole family, actually it was just your lovely Gran. Mum needs a lot of praise as well getting you to a very good standard before i was involved, so well done mum. Keep safe.

27/9/2012. Wow Wow Wow. Today i feel someone’s life has dramatically changed. A person whos’ life this year has not been the best. Unfortunately dad died, mum not well, all really sad. Today Craig put a smile on dad’s face in Heaven, he passed his part 3, incredible instruction, so proud and so happy for him. This guy has a full diary with Eco- Drivers to move into and I have no doubt in time will become one of the best instructors in Hull. Well done fella, you know what i feel about you. Anything you need, please call. 

2/10/2012. Fantastic drive today for Sally to equal what her sister, Claire, did and pass her test first time. Dad sounded a little surprised but he has not seen you drive yet, wait till he does and he will be surprised at how good and safe you are. Enjoy your driving now that you are Claire’s taxi. see you in a couple of months for Pass Plus. Keep safe.

22/10/2012. Well done Sophie, a lovely first time pass with a quality drive. Even that stupid sports car driver overtaking you in a dangerous place on the roundabout could not put you off, you dealt with it so well. Enjoy the freedom that this will give you and i do look forward to doing Pass Plus in the near future. Keep safe.

22/11/2012. Congratulations Aaron a fantastic drive with only 1 driver error to get a first time pass and a full licence.I am so proud of you and pleased for you. This will change your life so much and make both work and social life easier to manage. I shall miss you, so enjoyed our lessons. Please keep safe and in touch. Well done.

28/12/2012. More congratulations, this time to Laura. So proud of you and well done on a super drive. Bet mum and dad will be over the moon. Cannot wait to see you driving round the village in the Land Rover. Fantastic, drive safely at all times.

4/12/2012. Well done Nicky, 2 down 1 to go! A fabulous pass at part 2 today, good drive. That sets our part 3 training up nicely for next week. The hard work starts here. Fantastic, so pleased.

13/12/2012. I have always thought that passing a driving test is life changing. However with Maddi’s test today her wonderful first time pass will change the whole family.  I am so happy for you and what a great drive. Enjoy your celebrations and when you go to Canada next year dont forget the post card. Enjoy your life and please keep in touch.

15/12/2012. Well thats nearly it for 2012. I have no more tests booked so I should reflect on 2012. I am very disappointed that 3 out of the last 4 tests were cancelled by the DSA for ice and bad light. I am sure all 3 would have passed. We can look forward to all of them being successful in early 2013. May I congratulate all of my trainees and pupils who have been successful at B category, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 in 2012. Its been a very good year, a very hard working year but I have had so many good times, and importantly lots of big smiles over my and my pupils faces. Well done to you all and thank you for making this year so enjoyable. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..



Here’s to 2013!!


10/1/2013. A great start to 2013 with Amelia passing first time with a super drive. Having had the disappointment of the test being cancelled in December for bad weather, taking advantage of this opportunity was wonderful. A lovely little car on the drive, what a way to start the New Year. Well done and keep safe.

30/1/2013. Well done Eleanor on a great drive and pass to get your full licence. What a day for you, passing your test and booking the summer, end of term holiday with the girls. It really does not get any better. I am so pleased for you, keep safe and in touch.

6/2/2013. Well what a day!  2 passes at the first attempt. Congratulations to Sophia and to Beth. Both amazing drives and well deserved. Cant wait to wave to you both. Dont forget Beth if you celebrate this lunchtime I would not like to see you driving Grandad to his birthday surprise, ha! Keep safe ladies and enjoy your driving. 

14/2/2013. This is the week for pupils whose name begins with K. Two great passes , one for Katie and the other for Kirsty. Equally good and very much deserved. I was a bit worried this morning for the weather and an 8.10am test, but the roads had fully cleared of the snow, thankfully. Good luck ladies and enjoy your driving in your new cars, very jealous. Please keep in touch and I will look forward to Pass Plus.

4/3/2013.A massive well done to Mike on his test pass. This will change everything for him, family and at work. Really well deserved and enjoy your driving. Please keep in touch.

14/3/2013. A fanatstic result for Heather, great drive and so well deserved. Full driving licence- that sounds good. Loved your text last night saying you had been on a very long drive in your car, wonderful. Enjoy your driving and like all your friends now independence will change your life. Keep safe.

15/3/2013. Tori, Tori, Tori- wow! Very well done a FLH, just like your registration number, personalised already. Great pass and deserved. This will make going to work and enjoying your social life so much easier. So proud of you, keep safe.

9/4/2013. Congratulations Lottie a fantastic first time pass with a wonderful controlled drive. Very well done and richly deserved. Thanks must go to Dad, Grandma and Julie who have also put a lot of work in as supervising drivers to help you practice. We could not have done it so quickly without them. Keep well and good luck with the HGV training.

12/4/2013. Very well done Kate, a first time pass and your full driving licence. What a wondeful, controlled safe drive. Saw you today in your red car, thank you for the wave, hope to see so many more of those. Thank you to mum for the lovely present, very special!! Enjoy your life to the full and i am sure all you strive for you will achieve, just like yesterday. Please keep in touch.

18/4/2013. I have today been asked by the HMRC, contact detail- SA Helpline 0845 900 0444, to put a link on this website in respect of Tax Advice for Driving Instructors. I have been to this link and worked through the e-learning tool. It is very good and will be of great use to both existing ADI’s and those just qualifying. The link is on the home page. I am sure if anyone has any further questions about tax etc I am sure HMRC will be delighted to help.

10/5/2013. Congratulations Ollie wonderful first time pass. So sorry I was not there to see your face when the examiner said you had been successful. Well done fella and enjoy your lovely new car.

Massive thanks to Jane and Amanda for looking after my pupils whilst I have been away from work. Feeling a lot better now, no more surgery by the looks of it and back to work very soon. Thank you so much ladies, a wonderful job. Owe you so much.

16/5/2013. Congratulations Stuart, wonderful near perfect drive to pass your ADI Part 2 test today. Well done, the hard work starts now.

21/5/2013. Fantastic result today Rob, super drive and a full driving licence. Best smile I have seen on anyone recently, sure that will stay on your face for a very long time. I must say thank you to Amanda as well who has looked after you for the last couple of weeks and done a wonderful job. Congratulations and a very deserved pass.

27/6/2013. Just added a link- Safe Driving For Life, on the Home page. This is a new website from the DSA aimed at all Road Users, new drivers and riders, instructors and trainers. It is very easy to use and contains all the information needed to achieve your goals or indeed improving your skills. I am sure it will be of help to all.

2/7/2013. I dont use facebook type usage very often but I will today- OMG!!! Congratulations Beth a fantastic pass with a clean sheet, the perfect drive. I so wanted to be in the car with you but a supervising examiner, Simon Gledhill was accompanying the examiner. However the comments both gave at the end made up for it. The tears of joy running down your face were the culmination of all we have done to make you the driver that you are. This is the start of a great summer, Botswana next, lucky girl. Keep safe  and cant wait for you to wave when we meet on the road. Well done Beth.

31/7/2013. You will all notice a few changes to my web site from today onwards. I have decided not to be re-assessed for ORDIT, and my present badge expires to day. I have had the pleasure and distinction to proudly display my purple badge for 8 years. However with me celebrating my 60th birthday in December i have decided from then to wind down a little, concentrating more on Category B clients rather than training new instructors. I will still do Instructor Training but not under the banner of ORDIT. Whilst I will not be assessed by the DSA as I am now I guarantee the quality and standard of my training will stay the same as it always has. Here’s to the future.

12/8/2013. Congratulations Sara a wonderful drive that certainly brought some great comments from Andy your examiner today. A super first time pass and done with a near perfect drive, well done indeed. I was interested to hear from you that this is the first time anyone has passed first time in your family, even more to celebrate. A very big thank you to Mum and Dad who have had a very big input to your driving, now they can leave you to drive that lovely mini all by yourself. Enjoy!

15/8/2013. Congratulations Gerard a super and well deserved pass at Part 2 today. The hard work starts now, hope you are ready! I promise it will be fun and that we will get to part 3 and then to your new career as a DSA ADI.

29/9/2013. Congratulations Luke a superb drive on test to regain your driving licence. Very well deserved and I know you will cherish it in the future. The first test for me at the temporary test centre in Beverley, very pleased with the result but cannot wait to get back to Hull. Keep yourself and your little boy safe. Well done.

31/10/2013. Congratulations Glenn, great pass of your Part 2. We have started the Part 3 training already, lets press on and get to that important goal as soon as we can. Well done again.

14/11/2013. Congratulations Chris an amazing first time pass and a clean driving sheet. Well done fella. I know your mum and dad are so proud of you as I am. Fantastic drive, and I even thanked the examiner Dwain for the excellent way he conducted the test, and the funny de-brief at the end, the Stop Sign!! Our little joke. Keep safe and if you would like to do the Pass Plus course do call me. See you around.


Hi everyone, I am a little late but I hope all had a great Christmas and may I wishh you a very Happy New Year.

Reflecting on 2013 from a business point of view an amazing year. Incredibly busy and finished with a “B” Category first time pass rate of 88.9%. Overall 89.5%. I am very pleased with that and in a year when I had certain health issues. Well done to all my pupils and good luck to them in 2014. This year has started again in a similar way with the level of business, can an old man cope? I hope so! Lets all make it a wonderful 2014.

22/1/2014. What a start to the year! An incredible pass first time by Danielle. To overcome the emotion you felt before, at the start and during the test is a credit to your determination to pass and get your full licence. When I started to listen to the debrief you were again emotional before Kate, who was amazing on the test, had even given the result; when you heard the result your face was a picture. I am so proud of you and pleased for you, congratulations. To have a car to drive all by yourself will as for all people be a little scary but incredibly satisfying. Enjoy. See you for pass plus and that lesson we will have when the snow is on the ground. Keep safe.

24/1/2014. Well this week just gets better, another first time pass and a superb drive. Well done Kirsten I am so pleased for you. We had to wait for today because of the postponed test at the begining of December, cancelled for “wind”. So you really deserve it. New car on monday, Enjoy your driving and hope to see you around, it will be great to wave to you.

24/3/2014. A wonderful result for Stuart last Thursday- congratulations fella you are now a DSA Approved Driving Instructor. That sounds great!! All that hard work has paid off and a very well deserved result. I know you will enjoy every minute in car with your pupils. Well done indeed.

26/4/2014. Fantastic pass by Joshua, great concentration and forward planning. Well deserved after all the hard work you have put into your training. Hope it is not too long before you are driving in your own car. Congratulations I will miss our sessions.

7/5/2014. Well done Connor a wonderful pass at test today. Dad has done a great job of giving you as much private practice as he has done. A great help. Enjoy your independence in your “Me”. Wave when you see me. Well done fella.

27/5/2014. Eileen I am so pleased for you in passing your assessment for the DVLA and are on track to keep your full driving licence. The past few months have been very difficult for you but together we improved your driving to a very high standard, particularly as at the young age of 80+ and the impairement from the stroke you incured. Please enjoy your future driving, just a pity that Tom is not here as your passenger and companion. Do keep in touch.

29/9/2014. A massive apology for not being on here for a long while, just been so busy. Well an incredible amount of praise to all of my pupils for the effort they are putting into their lessons. Congratulations also to Max, Emma, Louise and Dec for passing their tests in such spectacular fashion. Well done to you all and have a great driving life, keeping very safe.

22/10/2014. A superb drive from Ailsa to pass her test with a clean sheet, just like the last test for Dec. Wonderful! Great praise from the examiner on the quality of the drive as well. Congratulations and keep very safe on those long journeys to QE. Hope to see you around.

28/10/2014. Congratulations Joanna a fabulous first time pass in such a short time training. Great drive certailnly equalling your brothers achievement. Well done. Safe driving.

30/10/2014. Weeks dont get much better than this one, with another first time pass for Alex. A superb drive and such a well deserved result. How strange that the last time I had this examiner, Paul Cross, was for Alex’s sister Zoe, who also passed first time. What a coincidence. Safe driving fella, looking forward to seeing you in that red Seat Ibiza!!!

31/12/2014. Well what a wonderful way to finish the year than with a first time pass and a clean sheet for Ashley!! Well done fella really deserved and an amazing drive, congratulations. I have so enjoyed your company in the car, see you around.

2014 has been a good year and congratulations again to all those who have been successful at test. Keep safe all of you. Here is to the new year.


                                            HAPPY NEW YEAR


27/1/2015. What a great start to the new year! Passes for Ashley and Jemma and both with clean sheets. Thats 3 passes on the trot with clean sheets. Really well done all of you. Passing the test is life changing and for these 2 I really do believe that will be true. Good luck in the future and safe driving.

29/1/2015.A massive congratulations to Megan, what a drive and pass. You now have a full driving licence, that sounds good. Your driving this week has been superb so the pass is so deserved. Thank you for the picture, I shall treasure it always. Good luck in the future with your driving and also your career, as an artist or pop star!!!!!

7/2/2015.Another great first time pass and wonderful drive. Congratulations Tom. A superb example of keeping calm on test particularly with a Supervising Examiner sat in the back of the car. I have never seen a mum as happy as yours, brilliant. Good luck in the future and enjoy your driving.

25/2/2015. Congratulations Joe with a fantastic first time pass, a superb drive. Your dad did a great job in helping with the practice in your lovely car to ensure the standard of driving was just right. Well done to him as well. Safe driving fella.

3/3/2015. Well here we are again and another first time pass. Congratulations Katie, wonderful drive. We have come a long way in a short time and your driving has been transformed after some hard work in sorting various issues out. The scary bit starts now when you drive on your own. Please call me if you want to do Pass Plus, I really think it will be beneficial. Good luck with your lovely horses Fred and Pilot, have a very successful season. I promise I will come and watch just let me know when you are competing. Stay safe and well.

13/3/2015. Hi guys just having a well deserved day off and what a way to spend it! I undertook the Skid Pan Course with Driverskills.com at Elvington aerodrome near York. The session was brilliant in many ways. I did the skid pan, ABS braking and evasion and a hot lap in a Caterham!!! Wow! I have been teaching pupils for years of how to avoid skids and in the use of ABS but never experienced it in real life, thankfully. What an eye opener.  I have decided having talked with the owner Lionel to include this half day as part of my training package. I shall include it as an add on after the Pass Plus course. What an additional experience- what amazing and necessary skills to learn. I am still working on costs but it will be about £100- £120. Usual cost booking direct £140. Who will be the first candidate, or shall I go again?





29/4/2015. Congratulations Ross another first time pass and well deserved after a super drive. Interesting that you kept your focus and concentration when you didnt believe you could. Anything in life is possible when you put your mind to it. Well done fella. I will contact you shortly to look at the Pass Plus course and possibly the Skid Pan session. Keep safe in your lovely Clio.

19/5/2015. More great news of first time passes. Two very pleased young men, Joshua and James have driven so well to pass in the last week. Both of them were blown away at their achievements as both tell me they never pass anything first time. Well now you have. Congratulations and safe driving, see on the roads in Hull. So pleased for you and very well deserved passes.
9/6/2015. Congratulations Luke great pass and with the strange occurance that you had to do 2 turns in the road!! Having encountered an accident during the drive and turned back by the police.  Well done on keeping your head. Safe driving fella, see you for Pass Plus and maybe Skid Pan . 
11/7/2015. Many congratulations to Leah on a fabulous first time pass. Great drive and well deserved. Enjoy your lovely Corsa and safe driving. Hopefully see you for Pass Plus.

3/11/2015. More congratulations, this time to Abby on a great first time pass. Superb drive according to the examiner. Well done, and it was lovely to see you driving around in mums car, she has lost that by the look of it, bless! Safe driving Abby.

6/11/2015. Great drive Tom for a first time pass. So pleased that the examiner put you at ease and that you felt so relaxed during the test. I think it might have been that bacon and egg butty we had just before the test. It was gorgeous! Enjoy driving your Peugeot, give me a wave sometime. PassPlus?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                12/11/2015. Zach, so pleased for you and proud of you, great drive and super pass. Driving that lovely car on your drive will be a treat and a life changer. You will love the independence. Safe driving.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       27/11/2015. Congratulations Alex another first time pass and great drive. Very safe and very deserved. Thanks to mum and dad for all the help they gave, invaluable! Enjoy your beautiful new Seat. Well done fella.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              22/12/2015.           Congratulations Sophie and your impending new baby on a tremendous first time pass, so well deserved because of all the effort you have put in and the fact that you are 16 weeks pregnant. 2016 will be a very special year and I know you will enjoy every second of it.                                                                                                                                                                                                  2016   HAPPY NEW YEAR                                                                                                                                                                                                                 11/1/2016.     What a great start to the new year, first test and a first time pass for Tom. A super comment from the new examiner, Tony, that he had just seen the best drive ever. Well done Tom so proud of you and I am sure your whole family will be as well. Enjoy your driving and take the confidence you showed today into the rest of your life and career.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            22/1/2016.  What a good start to 2016 another first time pass for Luke. Great drive and so deserved. If we could have got a test last month I am sure you could have passed earlier. Safe driving in your car and I look forward to seeing you driving around.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  27/1/2016 Well that’s 3 out of 3 and 4 out of 4. Congratulations to Joseph with an amazing clean sheet and Calum with 1 driver error  for another superb drive. Well done guys so proud of you and pleased with you do enjoy your driving and both keep safe.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          31/3/2016. Massive congratulations to Harriet on a fabulous first time pass today. What’s special about this? Well last weekend she was in Hull Royal Infirmary having been kicked by her horse causing major damage to her knee. You have been so brave and I thought your composure was commendable. Safe driving in your lovely Fiat 500 that’s if your dad isn’t driving it!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        20 /9/2016. I am so sorry that I have not been on here for some time. whilst test wise we have been very successful the year has been a difficult one on a personal note. My mum died in June and Lynne’s dad died in August. Bless them both. May I say a massive thank you to all my pupils for being so lovely and considerate. Thank you very much.  Well big congratulations to Harry, Leah, Dan and Billy fantastic passes at test. Well done guys I am so pleased for you in such a difficult year for me. You have made me very proud. Safe driving                                                                                         8/11/2016. More passes!!!  Well done Laura and Lisa. So pleased for you both, great drives and well deserved results as I know both of you will be very safe drivers. I don’t usually put details of the other work I do for RDAC. Very rewarding and this year has been amazingly successful with no fails at Assessment. Can I mention the last two, Josh and Colin. Well done guys, what determination, concentration and focus. So pleased that we got there, so well deserved.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  7/12/2016. An enormous congratulations to Andrew on a superb first time pass. A great drive and one that will change his life completely. It has not been an easy year for him but I am sure this will kick start a new chapter in his life. Well done.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2017 HAPPY NEW YEAR                                                                                                                                                                                                   29/1/2017. What a great start to the new year with a first time pass for Alec. Many congratulations and a big thank you to John, granddad who has put so much effort into getting him to great standard achieved. Many years of happy driving fella and see you shortly for Pass Plus.                                                                                                                                                                     20/3/2017. What an amazing achievement last week by Oliver and Jack, twins who both passed first time the day after each other. Incredible. So proud of them both as is mum who is delighted. Big thank you to granddad who put lots of effort into their practice. See you both on Pass Plus.                                                                                                                                                                                                           7/8/2017 . Sorry I have not been on the site for a while, life just very busy. I would like to offer my congratulations to Chris, Matthew, Bobby  and Molly on very good passes all first time. Really well done.